5 reasons why you should get your AirRex Digital suspension done by Elite Autosports

AirRex digital air suspension is by far the best digital air suspension systems available in the market today. It is the easiest to install height management system in the market. No more worrying about bumps as you would have to with your default suspension systems.

With a wireless digital remote operation, vehicle raise and lower operation is more fun and easy. Every single component of AirRex Digital air suspension systems are completely leak tested in the factory. It also comes in a compact and stylish package. No wonder, it is the first choice for many customers when it comes to modifying their suspension systems.

In this blog post, let us uncover the top 5 reasons why you should choose Elite Autosports when it comes to modifying your suspension. If you are not convinced, drive in to our garage at Dubai Investment Park. We have a dozen more reasons to prove why we are the best in class!

Reason #1:We Elite Autosports are the sole supplier of AirRex digital air suspension systems in the whole of Middle East. Who else knows about AirRex digital air suspension better? We have installed AirRex in hundreds of vehicles and we know it better than anybody else.

Reason #2: We are in the game for over a decade. We have done enough experiments. No more experimenting with our customer’s vehicles. We can right away suggest the best solution for your suspension needs. The strong experience we have with AirRex makes Elite Autosports the obvious choice for suspension alteration.

Reason 3#: We are the real experts in the field. Getting your suspension modified requires lot of expertise and labour which is why we absolutely recommend going after an expert in the field. Elite Autosports is without doubt a market leader when it comes to car modification in general and suspension systems in particular.

Reason 4#: We are the sole dealers of AirRex Digital suspension systems. Nobody else could match our competitive pricing. You never have to look for another garage. Elite Autosports would be the last place you will visit if you see how competitive our price tags are.

Reason 5#: Whatever services you do, it is the after-sales support that matters. We Elite Autosports operate with a completely customer focussed approach for we are completely aware that you are the very reason our business exists. The repeat customers we have speaks the fact for itself. We strive hard every time to exceed your expectations.

Elite Autosports is an influential car modification garage located in Dubai, UAE serving lots of customers not only across UAE, but also from many parts all across GCC countries. We have quite a lot of satisfied customers, most of them referred only by our existing customers. ‘Word of mouth’ doesn’t work unless a customer is totally satisfied with our services and until we have earned their trust. Elite Autosports is happy that we have earned the trust of our customers which makes us a successful car modifications garage.



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