5 things you should know about ‘Car Tuning’

So what is ‘car tuning’? You have your new dream car delivered right from the show-room. Probably you know that all those cars in the showroom are straight from the factory that was setup considering an average driver’s expectations and conditions.

But what if you are that above average fella?

‘Car tuning’ or more colloquially ‘car modification’ comes to your rescue. Those default factory settings – both appearance&performance – can be tuned to fit your mounting desires. Car tuning is a science and not everybody can do. When you alter the factory made design, the first thing to take care is SAFETY. That is the reason we say, car tuning should be done only by the modification experts and we are one such experts for car tuning in Dubai.

In this post, we will discuss 5 absolute things you should know before even thinking of modifying your car.

#1: Suspension re-modelling

Suspension upgrades are done mainly to improve the ride quality, improve centre of gravityand improve transitional weight transfer rates under acceleration, deceleration and cornering loads. If the suspension upgrade is not done perfectly, by experts for car tuning in Dubai like EliteAutosports it may affect the aerodynamic performance of your car. So get it done by real experts who can handle that.

#2: Boom Boom – Exhaust modification

The exhaust system is very much important as it has a direct effect on Engine performance. Fitting in the wrong exhaust to your car may damage your engine on the long run. When it comes to modifying an exhaust system, quality and compatibility matters. While getting the most out of your engine, we should also do our best for safety. Exhaust modification may look attractive all with the ‘boom boom’ vibrating sounds once you switch on the ignition, but getting it done right is the key.

#3: Modifying the Wheels

Lot of car modification garages look only on the beauty aspects missing the safety factor altogether. A red alert for you if you see one! Most of the wheel modifications done would not pass a road test at all. Ensure you don’t modify the diameter of the wheel base, at least there can be some compromise with the tyre width, but certainly not with the diameter. An improper wheel modification done without much research would only be risky. Also the life of the tyres will go down with uneven and fast wearing of the tyres.

#4: Big Brakes

Brakes are modified to lessen the pressure we used to apply on normal cars. Standard factory settings for power brakes require 20 foot-pounds of pressure to operate. If the same can be tuned to like 12 foot-pounds or so, you get a more soothing driving experience. We at EliteAutosports always look to fit in the high quality car tuning parts ensuring your safety always.

#5: Body Kits

Body Kit essentially refers to the collection of modifications done to the car ranging from front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers and even roof scoops. In fact many car manufacturers themselves offer body kits alternative to the original factory models. Whether your car manufacturer offers that sort of luxury or not, don’ worry. We at Elite Auto Sports have a varied collection of some of the best looking body kits suiting every single car in the market.

Okay, now that you know the top car tunings that one can do please ensure if your vendor is experienced enough in this car tuning business. Since there is lot of safety concerns one should not break while making these modifications, we advise doing it with an expert. If you are in Dubai, we are undoubtedly providing the best car tuning deals and Elite Auto Sports has already become a name synonymous with remodeling cars.

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