Elite Big Brakes

At Elite Autosports, we offer a wide range of high performance choices to meet our customer’s extensive upgrade requirements. We offer a variety of Big Brake Kits (BBK) to meet your driving style and budget. We can supply you with our own Elite Big Brake system (4 to 8pod) which you can have customized by either requesting to have it anodized or power coated. We also ensure that the brake systems carry a six months warranty except for brake pads. We have a variety of appealing colors available both for anodizing and powder coating.

Big Brake Kits

Item NoCalipersRotorsWheels RequiredBracketsBrake Pads
4P2864 Piston286x2616 inchIron SS41Street Pad
6P2866 Piston304x2616 inchIron SS41Street Pad
4P3044 Piston304x2817 inchIron SS41Street Pad
6P3046 Piston304x2817 inchIron SS41Street Pad
4P3304 Piston330x3217 inchIron SS41Street Pad
6P3306 Piston330x3217 inchIron SS41Street Pad
B6P330BIG 6330x3218 inchIron SS41Street Pad
B6P345BIG 6345x3218 inchIron SS41Street Pad
B6P356BIG 6356x3218 inchIron SS41Street Pad
8P3568 Piston356x3218 inchIron SS41Street Pad
8P3808Piston380x3219 inchIron SS41Street Pad
BigP3808 Piston380x3420 inchIron SS41Street Pad
Big8P405Big8 Piston405x3620 inchIron SS41Street Pad
Big8P430Big8 Piston405x3620 inchIron SS41

  • Add rear link- lock system
  • Add floating bolts
  • Add wave rotor (2 Piece rotor)
  • Make logo color
  • Add $ /set for caliper in powder coating

BIG BRAKE kits- Rear

Item NoCalipersRotorsWheels required BracketsBrake Pads
4P2864 Piston 286X2616Alum.7075t6Street Pad
4P3044 Piston304X2817Alum.7075t6Street Pad
B4P304BIG4304X2817Alum.7075t6Street Pad
493304 Piston330X2817Iron SS41Street Pad
6P3306 Piston330X3217Iron SS41Street Pad
4P3564 Piston356X2818Iron SS41Street Pad
6P3566 Piston356X2818Iron SS41Street Pad
B6P356BIG6356X2818Iron SS41Street Pad
B6P380BIG6380.3218Iron SS41Street Pad
8P4058P405.36126Iron SS41Street Pad

Each set of big brake kits includes rotors (with caps) 2pcs, Caliper mounting brackets 2pacs, Brake Pads 1 set and Brake lines 2pcs.


ItemSize MaterialFinishcolorQ’ty
BIG 4 piston
6 Piston
BIG 6 Piston
8 Piston
Big 8Piston
Super 8 piston
Aluminum 6061 T6AnodizingBlack ,silver, red ,blue, gold1 set (2 pcs)
Rotors with cap288x26mm
304x28 mm
330x32 mm
405x36 mm
Rotor; Alloyed gray iron FC30
Rotor: antirust coating
Rotor: neutral
1 set (2 pcs)
Rotors without cap288x26mm
304x28 mm
330x32 mm
405x36 mm
Alloyed gray iron FC 30Antirust coating Neutral1 set (2 pcs)
Caliper mounting brackets Depends on car model Aluminum 7075 T6
lron SS 41
EDPblack1 set (2 pcs )
Brake pads for 4 piston
for B 4/6 piston
For B 6/8piston
Big 8 pot
For 4 piston
ForB4/6 Piston
Street compound
Race compound
For normal road driving.
Optimal operating temperature :0-450 c
Instant temperature 500C.
Average coefficient of friction:0.32- 0.40u.
Make squeal noise while in action ,
so its dor racing
field .
Optimal operating temperature : 80 – 700.c Instant temperature
800.c A Average Coefficient of friction :0.40.52.u
1 set(4 Pcs)
1 set(pcs)
Brake LinesDepends on car model Stainless steel imported from UK XXXXXX

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