Cat back Exhaust System and our customer experiences. True account of few of our customers.

A Cat-Back system is an aftermarket exhaust system that is designed to improve performance and sound to the vehicle. It even adds up to the overall looks of the machine, giving a much appealing appearance. We at Elite Autosports have handled hundreds of cat back installations and we know the game better. We have had a lot of customer experiences sharing their stories of how satisfied they are with the new performance additions to their car.

In this post, we will share with you some interesting and true accounts of our satisfied customers. Though we do a wide range of services, and have lot of testimonials for each, here we will focus only those customer experiences with respect to modification done to exhaust systems, particularly cat back exhaust systems.

Honda Civic ex Coupe – Powered with a Cat back

One of our customer had a 90’s Honda Civic ex coupe that is so close to him. This customer actually had made a spoiler addition and a complete revamp of his car’s exteriors already with us. Now, he wanted us to make a complete replacement of the exhaust system and fit a cat back exhaust. Actually, that is what we suggested to his car during our discussion session and he agreed to go with our suggestion without a second thought.

The entire kit comes with all the gaskets and bolts needed making it easy to ditch away the old rusted ones. Once we fitted the exhaust, the customer was just thrilled to feel the transformation. He can’t resist talking about the startling sounds and the great performance enhancement. Not to mention he was satisfied to the core.

Toyota Corolla – Cat back performance

Another customer of ours, a Toyota freak came to us for a performance enhancement modification and here is what he said after we delivered. “Thanks Elite Autosports team for making such an absolute change at a great cost. Now, with the drumming beat of sound, everybody knows well in advance that I am in. You have made it a perfect with the right balance of pitch and beat. Now my car looks and sounds really great. Thanks again Elite Team”. What else can be more happy for a service provider like us?

Settled with Elite Autosports with his Civic

Here is another interesting story. A customer was searching everywhere in UAE for a best garage that can make a dual exhaust performance exhaust for his Honda Civic. He was actually referred by his friend to Elite Autosports and said positively about the sound and performance improvements we tune for every installation of aftermarket add-ons.

And the very next day, he drove in to our garage and had a discussion with our people. He actually had a good knowledge of the cat back systems and the price ranges as he had already visited every possible garage he knows. When we offered the price, he was simply convinced almost immediately. May be the price we offered him was the best he was given elsewhere. No wonder, he visited our garage again for a complete beautification of his Civic including a sporty spoiler.

With our experience and the satisfactory services we gave to our customers, we invite you to our garage, for a free consultation for your vehicle. Elite Autosports is a name you can trust when it comes to modification of cars with aftermarket performance and beautification enhancements.


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