Is it really worth going for an aftermarket performance exhaust system?

What is a performance exhaust system?

Exhaust system is a mechanism present in every vehicle that enables the exhaust gases to get away from the engine. Every engine comes with a factory made exhaust system to take care of the exhaust gases arising as a result of burning the fuel. The major components of an exhaust system are the exhaust manifolds (collects the exhaust gas from multiple cylinders and sends to exhaust pipe), exhaust pipes, catalytic convertors (converts the toxic by-products less hazardous) and those oxygen sensors (electronic sensor used to measure the oxygen proportionate in liquid or gas). These components are partly responsible for the engine’s overall performance too.


Why we need an aftermarket exhaust system?

Okay but when every car engine comes with a ‘factory made’ exhaust system, what is the need for an ‘aftermarket’ exhaust system? Well, it’s actually because the car manufacturers design the vehicle with the average user in mind. And if you are a person in need of an above average driving experience, then you should go after this aftermarket systems.

Second reason is that most manufacturers will choose least expensive exhaust systems to bring down the overall price of the vehicle, in which case you can go for an aftermarket exhaust system to get your vehicle equipped with a high quality alternative exhaust system. Thirdly, and this is the most important one.These aftermarket exhaust systems can really improve the performance by freeing up some power in your engine. These systems make the discharge of exhaust gases more efficient and more quickly allowing your engines to ‘breathe’ better.


Pros and cons of Performance Exhaust System

If you have decided to alter your performance exhaust with a superior quality aftermarket product, that is a great decision. But analyse both the good and bad aspects of making this kind of change to your vehicle, before actually making it.

First let us see the advantages it has to offer.

  • Increased power
  • Efficient means of discharging exhaust gases
  • Better engine performance
  • Startling sounds (that rumbling sounds only a sports car has)

Drawbacks of going for an aftermarket exhaust

  • Extra Price tag
  • Need an expert to install

So, with that being said – both the good and bad points – about an aftermarket performance exhaust system, is it really worth going for it? The answer depends on your budget, your performance requirement etc. If you are not concerned about the budget, there are really a good variety of exciting choices. You can really make your vehicle not only a high performance machine but also a visually appealing one.


Why Elite Autosports is the best choice?

Elite Autosports are experts in car modification and you need to get this kind of performance exhaust modifications done only by real experts. We are customer friendly and suggest you the best alternate exhaust systems by knowing your needs. In some cases, we have offered our customers with cost effective solutions. For instance, we would advise only making changes to the catalytic convertor rather than getting a new exhaust system altogether (which may be costlier options for those in tight budgets). So Elite Autosports is a name you can completely trust.

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