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We offer great vehicle services for our customers round the clock.



We are the sole suppliers for AirRex digital air suspension systems – digital or analogue – in the whole of Middle East.



We offer both domestic and imported custom body kits with best quality on a budget price. A full body kit or a partial one.



Get your wheels customized with Elite Autosports. We offer both in-house designs which are done by Elite Autosports and also those wheels from top brands.



At Elite Autosports, we offer a wide range of Big Brake Kits (BBK) to meet our customer’s extensive upgrade requirements.


Wouldn’t you be thrilled to see the changes that’s happening to your car?

Certainly it amuses to check what is happening in our garage live. Click ‘Check Our Build’ button now.



Aftermarket exhaust parts are intended to replace the factory fitted exhaust components of a car in order to improve the performance, visual appeal, or sound of the vehicle. Generally, performance enhancements are achieved by reducing the back pressure of the factory exhaust system. We can supply you with some of the high performance exhaust systems in the market. You will be only amazed to see the transformation we have made to your car after making modifications to your car’s exhaust system.

Key Points

  • Catback system
  • Headers
  • Full system
  • Valve system
  • Kline system


We offer both domestic and imported custom body kits with best quality on a budget price. Whether you are looking to modify your car completely with a full body kit or just a partial modification, we offer both the services at a best price. We also manufacture our own components using FRP (Fiber reinforced plastic) or by CF (Carbon Fiber). You can choose either Elite to design a body kit for you or order those ones available through our suppliers ranging from Victory Function, GReddy, Liberty Walk, Wald to mention a few.

Key Points

  • Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) material
  • Carbon Fiber (CF) material
  • Partial or Full Body Kits
  • Wide range of suppliers
  • Domestic & Imported Body Kits


Elite Autosports has its own CF facilities where we make our unique design Body Kit parts or repairs to existing Body Kits. Carbon Fiber materials are highly durable. Just for the sake of understanding, here is an interesting comparison.Steel has a tensile modulus of about 29 million psi (200 million kpa). The strongest carbon fibers are ten times stronger than Steel and eight times that of Aluminium.Also they are much lighter than both the materials up to 5 and 1.5 times,respectively.

Key Points

  • Highly durable
  • In house designs
  • Diversified choices
  • Complete changeover
  • Long lasting


Elite Autosports has its own Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) facilities where we make our unique design Body Kits. When it comes to Body Kits, there are literally lots of materials to choose from. Choices ranging from Fiberglass, Polyurethane, ABS plastic, Carbon Fiber and composite materials. Fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP) is a composite material made of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibres. This gives your cars a great life and style.

Key Points

  • Highly durable
  • In house designs
  • Low weight
  • High impact strength
  • Fire and water resistant

Elite Autosports


Elite Autosports are experts in the game of car modification. With years of experience in experimenting various design & performance changes, we have a great passion for car modification and that love towards cars have made this business a successful venture. With clients all across UAE and a client base actively growing across GCC, our modification includes changes to suspension, exhaust, wheels, big brakes, body kits to name a few.

  • The best Car Modification garage in UAE
  • Experts in the field of ‘car tuning’
  • AirRex Digital suspension system
  • BC Racing Coilover suspension system
  • Wheels – own design or from top suppliers
  • Big Brake System – 4 to 8 pods
  • Performance Exhaust Systems – Topspeed / Kline / Varex
  • Body Kits – partial or full body – Carbon Fiber or Fiber Reinforced Plastic
  • Powder Coating – Wheels or any other metal objects for your car
  • Resprays – the color of your choice.
  • Great customer service
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed


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